Fat Mix Facts

Gambler (lyrics)

Stu wrote Gambler just before the beginning of time. It was originally titled Yesterday Destruction Crew, but people kept requesting Gambler and we want to give the people what they want!


Mike wrote this song as a freshman in high school for a class project.

Every Day

This tune, along with Cool Alien began the genre we call
“Hillbilly Reggae.”

Cool Alien

The song is one of Mike’s most popular tunes. It was written in 1989 with a Peavy Patriot bass guitar and a digital delay pedal.

Ignore This Track

A technical glitch caused an unusable track number 6 on one of the demos for Fat Mix. Mike labeled the bad track Ignore This Track. Since we used that demo for the final track order we had to put something there ;o)

Bluebirds and Pickles

Once upon a time, we took ourselves quite seriously and attempted to write a song about how much we like teachers and how they don’t get the respect and rewards they deserve. After a long, frustrating, uninspired time Mike said, “All the words should be bluebirds and pickles.” Being a paragon of reason, Stu responded: “That’s silly. No one wants to listen to a song that’s only bluebirds and pickles! It should be bluebirds and pickles and stuff!”


A song about traditional values. (That’s our story, and we’re sticking with it!)

Hold On

During an earlier time in our musical career, the lyrics were re-written to pitch Dodge trucks. Being about trucks, that version never flew. (Maybe it should have been Cessna.)

Fat Mix

This killer Kentucky Jam shows Mike’s wizardry as a loop god! We played and sang the parts, but never in the order you hear them on the CD. It began life as an entry in a music contest. We liked the end product so much, it’s the title track!

Deciduous Person

Stu wrote Deciduous Person while on the Psychiatric ward of a Naval hospital for evaluation. There’s no word on the outcome of the evaluation, but Stu swears the song was inspired by the Navy psychiatrist sitting on his desk and playing banjo on their first meeting.

I’m So Wild About You

Written by Stu for his friend Rachel. She asked how he wrote songs and this was his demonstration.


The name iGYM comes from the first letter of the first word in each verse: I, Girl, You, Man. It was written at the end of a long and grueling session in a storage room Mike and Stu once used as a studio.

Bygone Days

The recording on Fat Mix is the first time Stu sang this song all the way through. It also has the distinction of being the only song written expressly for Fat Mix.

Fat Mix

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